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Certified Sofa Cleaning Services

RICHY Sofa Cleaning Dublin is the best longest-standing care expert. We promise you best result without any compromise your furniture’s color, textures, brightness, remarkable life span. As professional Sofa Cleaning Dublin partner we take responsibly of-
  • Detaching dirt, stains, allergens etc.
  • Cleans sofa, mattress, couch, upholstered furniture regardless of fabric cloth, velvet, leather or anything else.
Best Sofa Cleaning Service In Dublin​
All sort of upholstered furniture
Sofa & Couch Cleaning
Mattress cleaning
Revive The Beauty with Expert Couch Cleaning Dublin Services:
Revive The Beauty with Expert Couch Cleaning Dublin Services:

Our rug cleaning service comes at budget-friendly rates to provide you with the best service for your money. Take a short tour of our price list:


What makes our Sofa cleaning service superior?

Allow us to guide you on a wonderful adventure that reveals why using our professional sofa cleaning service is an investment in the durability, attractiveness, and health of your valuables.

Nearby one-stop solutions

Experience our professional upholstery cleaning service for residential and commercial spaces conveniently located near you, including Dublin. We ensure the accessibility and promptness in delivering top-notch cleaning solutions right at your doorstep.

Professional couch cleaning services at affordable rate

Whether its fabric sofa cleaning or leather couch cleaning, we use specialized techniques and cleaning products to ensure optimal results. Our staffs are expert & well skilled in operating different types of stains, odors, and cleaning challenges specific to Dublin’s environment. We assure you that you’ll get the best service at competitive rate.

Healthy, Hygienic & Tailored service

Beyond beauty, a clean sofa promotes a healthy living environment. Our comprehensive cleaning methods not only eliminate harmful elements but also sanitize your sofa, fostering a safe and hygienic space for you and your loved ones. We provide the best & professional sofa cleaning Dublin services based on personal desire & requirements.

Quality assurance with punctual nature

Following each couch & sofa cleaning session, our trained quality assurance inspectors carefully check outcomes to guarantee we met the promised shining result, leaving no space for anything short than perfection.

Our commitment to professionalism shines through our timely and attentive service. With a deep passion for our work, we prioritize safety and take all required steps.

Say goodbye to stains, dirt, and dullness with expert sofa cleaning Dublin service.​
Say goodbye to stains, dirt, and dullness with expert sofa cleaning Dublin service.

It’s time to vanish stains, grime, and dullness from your life & welcome a revived and refreshed sofa that enhances your living space. At RICHY Sofa Cleaning, we offer comprehensive sofa cleaning, including fabric sofa cleaning and leather sofa cleaning. 

With our expertise, advanced techniques, and competitive pricing, we make sure top-notch results and clients satisfaction. Our eco-friendly solution ensures that all your items are completely safe. Our dedicated team of certified and well-trained experts is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Enjoy our reliable, hassle-free, and effective sofa cleaning services

Admire the fantastical skill of our upholstery cleaning service, where our highly trained hands lovingly caress and embrace every fiber, increasing obvious cleanliness to an ideal realm of unmatched quality. We have the skill to fix even the most damaged and abandoned sofas thanks to our deep experience and exceptional knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment. Experience the difference as our expert service providers transform your space into a refreshed and revitalized haven.

How to achieve effortless sofa cleaning?

Start the journey with us by following steps and witness the transformation of your sofa or couch into sparkling havens. With effortless excellence, we bring you a new standard of cleanliness and a renewed sense of joy.

Schedule a visit

Effortlessly book your cleaning experience, choosing a time that suits your convenience. Enjoy a hassle-free process as we cater to your scheduling needs.

Get in touch with a cleaning expert

Meet our skilled and reliable cleaning experts. They are always ready to deliver exceptional results. Rest assured, your belongings are in capable hands, with meticulous attention to detail.


Receive professional’s suggestions

Unlock valuable professional advice tailored to your needs. Discover effective cleaning techniques and maintain a fresh living space effortlessly, with guidance from our experts.

Revel in the best cleaning service

Enjoy the unmatched, gleaming results of perfectly cleaned upholstery that that exceed expectations. And provide feedback to help us maintain excellent service.

FAQ about Sofa Cleaning Services in Dublin

Price list



1 seat sofa cleaning


2-seat sofa cleaning


3-seat sofa cleaning


4-seat sofa cleaning


5-seat sofa cleaning

Significantly our experts is available mainly in four cities Dublin, Meath, Kildare, & Wicklow. Hence you can contact us if you aren’t getting your area in our list.

Yup! We apply safe chemicals while Sofa Cleaning. We are very much conscious regarding your baby, pets even family. Hence excuse us about your sensitivities or allergies so far, we can change cleaning methods best matching you.

Sorry! Still we aren’t attaching with dry cleaning, though. Our personal experience found dry cleaning less effective than the steam cleaning or hot-water extraction method. The result also not same.

We offer flexible payment methods like bank transfer, cheque, card, or cash; chose any option you prefer. Immediate receipt will be sent after we get your payment.

Well, we offer wide range source of upholstery cleaning such as Sofa Cleaning, chairs, armchairs, cleaning, recliners, couches, and chaise lounges. Happily, we take order to clean other types of furniture too with appropriate care.

You will care grate your dining, living, even bedroom please furnishings make you pleasure.

FAQ about Sofa Cleaning Services in Dublin